The world's first cryptocurrency for charitable giving and good causes

Our first token sale event starts in

Introducing Giftcoin

Small change. Big impact.

Complete transparency on your charitable donations

Utilizing smart contracts, we will track the direct impact of donations. This gives donors increased confidence, and charities a powerful feedback loop to elicit further support.

Give as you spend and make
a difference to the world

Our app will convert the small change from daily spending into Giftcoin. Users can automate monthly donations, manually select different causes each month, or let their Giftcoin accumulate.

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The Whitepaper

Download our whitepaper for more information on our:

  • Business plan
  • Detailed roadmap
  • Technical specification
Download our Whitepaper

Three Easy Steps

How it works

Accumulate Giftcoin

Each time you make a purchase, our service rounds up the payment and converts the extra to Giftcoin.

Send it as a gift

As Giftcoin accumulates, you choose who to donate to and support on the Giftcoin platform.

Track your donation

Once you have chosen your causes, Giftcoin shows you exactly when and where your money is spent.

 Online GivingCrypto Giving
Opportunity to help those who need it the most
Low commissionLimited
Wide selection of trusted charity organisations
Precise donation tracking

The Big Plan

Our Roadmap

  1. Dec 2017

    1. First Token Event

    We are preparing for a big day when you will be able to participate in our cause. Giftcoin will start selling on 11th of December 2017, at 7:34 EST. We hope you can join us!

  2. June 2018

    2. MVP Release

    Our MVP will meet all the core requirements for the platform to exercise its purpose. We hope to have the first batch of charity organisations to choose from and a fully operational currency.

  3. July 2018

    3. Beta Version Release

    We plan to start the second Giftcoin token sale, with a fully functional product.

  4. September 2018

    4. Final Product Rollout

    The full, all guns blazing rollout of Giftcoin is planned as THE charitable and good causes currency. It’s time to small change the world!

Giftcoin token sale

The Giftcoin token sale starts at:

7:34 EST December 11th 2017

The sale is only available to pre-registered participant only. Registration for the token sale opens on 11th December.

Base tokens:

0.00 GIFT

Exchange rate:

1 ETH = 0.00 GIFT

Total ether raised:


Total bitcoin raised:

Total tokens sold:


# of participants:


Sale Details

  • Soft cap:
  • Hard cap:
  • Total supply:
  • Accepted currency:
  • Minimum purchase:
  • Sale price:
  • Sale start:

Bonus and discount scheme

 DiscountBonus coin

Use of proceeds

pie chart
Tech development
PR, marketing and sales
Legal and accounting
  • Tech development
  • PR, marketing and sales
  • Overheads
  • Admin
  • Legal and accounting

The creators

Founding Team

Our team consists of proven startup veterans. We are a mixture of enterpreneurs, engineers, designers and blockchain enthuasiasts. We are connected by our great passion and commitment to making a difference in the world. Meet the Giftcoin team:

Alex Howard

In 2004 Alex founded The Optimum Health Clinic, one of the world leading integrative medicine clinics with patients in 40 countries, and now run as a UK charity. More recently he founded online self development platform Conscious Life. He has been recognised by the Parliamentary Review.

Tim Bichara

Tim is an entrepreneur and CPO. He was the co-founder of fintech start up Q App (Acquired by Yoyo wallet in 2016), as well as product consultancy Nimble Mobile. His awards include Times 2015 top 10 disrupters to watch, Startups 100 two years running and two interactive BAFTAs.

Jon Beddoes

Jonathan embarked on his entrepreneurial career at age 15 when he started a web hosting company. Since then he has founded several successful businesses including a leading software monetisation platform and Techtopia, a creative campus and tech incubator. In 2014, he co-founded Safer Technologies (a security software company) which was acquired by Avast Software in March 2017.

Chris Cain

Christopher is a systems analyst, IT consultant, and entrepreneur. Since 2004, he has been a specialist in the design and implementation of decentralized peer-to-peer networks and technology. He consults on projects involving peer-to-peer blockchain platforms in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space.

Ben Evans

Ben was previously at Morgan Stanley, where he was chief performance engineer for the Google IPO in 2004. Subsequently he was the lead architect at Deutsche Bank (listed derivatives) before becoming the co-founder and CEO at JClarity. A blockchain enthusiast for many years, Ben is heavily involved in the Java community and has writen several books on Java Development. Ben also has a MA in Maths from Cambridge University.

Our support

Advisory Team

We are working with a great team of advisors from the charity, crypto and technology sectors. Some are shown below. More will be announced as we progess.

Charity Advisors

Jon Duschinsky

Jon Duschinsky

Jon shares speaking platforms with leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Kofi Annan & Steve Wozniak.

Lady Astor of Hever

Lady Astor of Hever

Lady Astor has done extensive charity work, raising funds for Parkinsons UK and The National Autistic Society

Shirley Conran OBE

Shirley Conran OBE

Previously the women’s editor of the Daily Mail, Shirely has been heavily involved in charities for the last 30 years.

Technology Advisors

Marc Avedissian

Marc Avedissian

Co founder of Tramonex and Founder and CEO of fiat token Altalix Ltd

Compliance Advisors

Calum McWhir

Calum McWhir

Thistle Initiatives are specialist consultants providing support for Fintech businesses on FCA Regulatory Requirements.

Press & PR

Tom Fry

Tom Fry

A graduate in Computer Science from Cambridge University, Tom specialises in advising high-growth blockchain start-ups on their public relations strategy.

Bridget Greenwood

Bridget Greenwood

A founding director of Financial Social Media UK, Bridget has attracted many industry awards. She has been working with several blockchain companies.


Mark Hirschfield

Mark Hirschfield

Founded & invested numerous start ups including Copypress, Faceit, Auction Club, Conscious Life, Techtopia and Lifecake (acquired by Canon).

PSG Capital

PSG Capital

PSG Capital has extensive experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain arena, and has worked on multiple successful ICO’s to date.

Partner Charities

More coming soon..

The Optimum Health Clinic Foundation
Enhance The UK

Video Blog

We’re documenting the Giftcoin story, watch the latest episode below.

Contact Us

We are open to all the questions you might want to ask. Giftcoin is being built by ever growing team and partners, so whether you’re interested in working with us or investing, feel free to reach out!

The Giftcoin Team